Student Positioning

Interest & Aptitude Assessment

Unlimited license to access proprietary online career & college assessment tools. The interactive self-assessment is the most comprehensive database available for career & college planning to help us better understand your student.

Careers - Majors Mapping

The counselor guides your student through analyzing career interests, academic levels and strengths, appropriate majors and establishes additional criteria to build the best prospective college list based on academic, social and financial fit

Majors & College Alignment

Our professional counselors conduct Student Positioning sessions online with students and parents to review and interpret the results of the self assessment. The counselor guides your student through analyzing career interests, academic levels and strengths, appropriate majors and establishes additional criteria to build the best prospective college list based on academic, social and financial fit.

College Search Session

With guidance from a professional counselor, families save hundreds of hours discovering opportunities and eliminating others as they research target schools and narrow their list based on SAT/ACT test scores, GPA, Acceptance Rate, Percentage Need Met, Merit Aid Awarded, Retention Rate, Graduation Rate, Virtual Tours, and Scholarships Available.

Develop Target College List

Selecting the right colleges is one of the most important parts of the college planning process and can end up having the most significant impact on total out of pocket costs. Then applying our proven Student Positioning strategies provides the absolute best opportunities for admissions, financial aid,  scholarships, and successful graduation.

Find the best academic, social & financial fit

This part of the process can also have a huge impact on getting your student to graduate within the desires 4 years. Our proprietary college planning portal is one of the very few websites that provides all of these student positioning resources for you in one place.

Financial Positioning

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Analysis

We provide a complete analysis of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) using both Federal, Institutional and College-specific Methodologies.

Recommendations to Reduce EFC

We show you how to take advantage of appropriate strategies to enable you to reduce your EFC and maximize eligibility for all forms of scholarships and financial aid.

Implement Strategies to Reduce EFC

We then assist in the implementation of the optimal strategies to control your college costs. This can be very dynamic and will differ or each family based on financial situation and asset positioning. This will also involve ongoing annual reassessment based on unexpected life events and changing financial conditions over the course of your students’ college career

College Scholarship & Aid Analysis

We provide you with analysis and reports for each college you research and select to show full costs, estimated aid based on your EFC, estimated scholarships based on your student’s academics and final expected net costs.

College Payment Plan

We put together a plan to show you the most cost effective way to fund the net college costs for all your students. We want to avoid borrowing money or beginning to pay for college without having a plan in place! After student positioning, financial positioning and having a plan to pay for college is the most important part of the college planning process.

Parallel Retirement Planning

Bringing your student’s college choices inline with your family’s financial plan provides the absolute best opportunities to make college affordable without sacrificing retirement. Through this entire Financial Positioning process, we constantly balance college planning with the potential impacts on the parent’s need to maintain a sound retirement plan.

Forms Processing

Prepare the FAFSA

The FAFSA must be completed if you want to qualify for any financial aid. Do not minimize the importance of completing this form properly. The US Department of Education said the majority (80%) of people fill out the FAFSA form in such a way that they do not receive all the aid for which they are eligible

Register for & prepare the CSS Profile

Many private schools require the CS Profile form, which requires more financial and personal information in addition to what was gathered for the FAFSA.

Complete Need-based Institutional Forms

Many schools have their own forms that need to be completed in addition to the FAFSA and CSS Profile. We will assist and guide you through the accurate and timely submission of these any forms necessary for your situation.

Confirm Accuracy of SAR and IRS DRT

We will make adjustments to your FAFSA after your tax returns have been filed and process the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT). Verification of information is very important with the DRT as the import is notorious for errors and inaccuracies that need to be double-checked and corrected.

Analysis of Financial Aid Awards

We analyze your financial aid awards to ensure your award packages are complete and accurate. We then assist in scoring your award packages based on each college’s historical averages and our proven Student Positioning strategies. If determined as necessary, we will structure and guide an appeal if the financial aid award is in order.

Direct the Appeals Process

When appropriate, we will direct the appeals process on your behalf to maximize your financial aid and scholarship awards. An appeal typically begins with a letter we draft on your behalf to the college outlining the reason(s) for the appeal and continues with coaching on when to appeal, how to appeal and what to expect.

Guidance on College Loans

We will consult you on the best college loans available for your situation, the process for securing them and ensure your college payment plan will efficiently pay off the loan without sacrificing your retirement or the student’s financial independence.

On-Going Support

College Planning Manual

50+ page booklet of our master college checklist, customized time tables for success, and general college planning information.

College Reminder System

Our proprietary communication system with a monthly education, to-do’s, tips and strategies to keep your student on track, engaged and moving forward.

60 point checklist, broken down by month-year

We remove the guesswork by keeping all tasks as well as roles and responsibilities clearly defined and on schedule with a detailed checklist that is broken down by month and year starting with Junior year in High School.

Accountability Calls

Monthly teleconferences hosted by a college expert to teach tasks at hand and answer questions.  Families who participate have seen far better results.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Each family works closely with a dedicated team of professionals – a College Financial Planner, a Student Positioning Counselor and a Client Service Consultant.

Proprietary Technology Platform

Our proprietary college planning portal is one of the very few websites that provides a single point of reference for your family and our team to track student positioning, financial positioning, forms processing, general admissions progress, and all the associated resources, all in one place.

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