Our Mission

Showing families and students a smarter way to plan and pay for college.

No Guesswork!

Leverage time-tested strategies to control college costs and reduce or remove the need for student loans.

Leave no stone unturned!

Ensure available financial and academic resources are optimized (scholarships & free money).

Keep the student top-priority!

Show your student a clear path to a timely graduation by finding the best academic, social, financial fit schools.

Tune out the noise!

Avoid the biggest mistakes other families continue to make. Stop relying on common myths that just are not true, and will likely hurt you more than they might help.

Improve household finances in the process!

Develop a plan to protect retirement and pay for current and future college students.

Know you did the absolute best you could!

Ease stress and anxiety to make it all fun again.

Who We Are

We Are Experienced College Planners

We routinely save families tens of thousands of dollars on their out-of-pocket college costs. By assessing each family’s unique financial situation, while also taking the students interests into consideration, we are able to evaluate available strategies that will maximize financial aid and scholarships. Using our proprietary tools and strategies, we are evan able to find scholarships and discounts for families who may not qualify for need-based aid.

By providing guidance for the student’s career search, college search, admissions applications and selection processes, we help target the best academic, social, financial fit schools. We also provide coaching for students to clarify their interests and aptitudes while deciding on majors and potential career paths. We find this also improves graduation results within the ideal four year timeframe. In addition, we help families with the timely and accurate completion of their financial aid forms.

Who We Are

Our Team of Experts



Financial Positioning Counselor

Ian is passionate about clearly articulating important college planning concerns, giving students and families valuable strategies to improve their college planning and college funding situation. Ian focuses on providing families and students with the type of education, tools, and strategies they really need to improve their quality of life throughout all phases of the college planning process. Ian’s ultimate goal is to show families and students how successful college planning outcomes are absolutely dependent on having a comprehensive plan that addresses both near-term college finance concerns as well as long-term retirement planning issues.



Student Positioning Counselor

Cori has the unique ability to break down complex college planning and financial matters and translate both to parents and students in an easy to understand manner. With two kids in high school, college is on the horizon, and she knows exactly how overwhelmed and stressed it all can be for parents. Her knowledge and expertise provide the calm within the storm. Cori has worked in financial services since 2000, and is associated with a nationwide network of college planners who for years have used strategies to help students find and select colleges that fit, maximize financial aid and scholarships, and financially planned with parents to make college affordable. Cori holds the Certified College Adviser designation and is a member of the National College Advocacy Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students, families, and other advisers on the issues surrounding college admissions and financial aid.



Service Center Consultant

Abraham has amassed an extensive background in sales and customer service laying out the perfect foundation for his self-proclaimed purpose; to serve. Abraham brings his professional and positive nature in service to our parents and students working as a resource for daily questions, answers and assistance. Abraham’s goal is to become an expert, aiding and counseling the younger generation through the complex procedures of college selection, college planning, and life after college.



Student Positioning Counselor

Paula is a veteran marketing professional and college coach. Paula’s experience includes growing up in agriculture and along with later opportunities to work in many different industries with professionals, governments and educational systems. She brings it all to together in her smart counsel of our college-bound high school students. Paula has personally navigated the complexities of college planning with her two amazing daughters, both of whom are graduating from George Fox University with engineering degrees and heading to grad school.

Our Story

Ian has been working as a wealth manager and retirement planner. With the rapidly rising cost of college, he recognized that the old approaches to college planning were not keeping up.

Simply getting good grades and saving in a 529 or similar account was simply not meeting expectations. More importantly, these outdated college planning strategies were putting household finances and retirement plans at risk. He felt that in order to provide his clients with proper fiduciary retirement planning, he had to accurately show them the impact of college costs as well as provide them solutions to make both these financial milestones work.

This is the key driver for starting Reviresco College Planning. Showing families and students a smarter way to plan and pay for college, without jeopardizing household finances, retirement plans, or even future students.

“Thank you for you very much for you support throughout my college years. I’m proud to say that I’m graduating with honors and with a job offer from Deloitte & Touche as a Risk Consultant. I’m really excited about life beyond college”

Charmaine Heather – Graduate, University of Southern California

“Thank you for making my dream of attending Dartmouth College a reality! I would not be all the way out in New Hampshire if it wasn’t for you. I absolutely love the school and can’t imagine myself anywhere else. Thank you so much for you help and support.”

Krista Merchat – Student, Dartmouth College

I am thoroughly enjoying my transition to Boston University,
it’s people and academia. Thank you for all of your assistance in
providing advice during my college search process. Your advice was
extremely beneficial.”

Jeffrey O’Neill – Graduate, of Boston University

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Our Clients Are Like Family

We take a personal approach to planning for college, and it is our goal to make sure your family’s specific needs are met. As each family’s aims and situation is different, we recommend you come by and see us one-on-one.

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